Recent endevors!

11 07 2012

Recently I have had several decks to clean and treat. The largest has taken a long time because the deck treatment instructions say don’t treat at 90 degrees or above. We have had many days that 90 degrees was reached by 11:30am and I quit. I am now caught up with the deck treatment.

Another client asked me to move a large pile of brick pavers from a home he is selling to another home has purchased. I have moved all of them and did a rough count and I move about 1700 bricks. There are 250 bricks in a cube like you would see on a construction site. That cube of bricks weighs about 1200 pounds. I had to handle those bricks I moved at least 4 times to pick them up off the ground, load them on the trailer, take them off the trailer and place them in their next temporary location. I had to dig some of them out of the ground several inches. Now you can do the math to know how many pounds of bricks I handled over a several day period. There is a concrete walk from the street to the steps onto the porch. I graded an area of the yard from this walk to the driveway to lay a new walk. The ground was very hard but I got it done. I will put a picture here soon.

I have been doing some continuing maintenance in the 100 year old Mekes building in Apex. I really like working there. I day dream of when it was a livery stable and hardware store, back in the day, many days ago.

With very little winter it is still nice to have spring!

14 04 2012

Well I think I have the low voltage lights down the driveway of a client working as she would like. She has a demanding situation, a long, dark, curvy driveway. Now on to more recent endeavors.

I have trimmed trees, changed a disposal, repaired the mullions in a window in a very old house, spread and place 10 yards of mulch, diagnosed the problem of a non functioning garage door opener. I referred that one to All About Doors” Harold. Harold is a friend of a friend. Harold used to work at Custom Overhead Doors when my friend Bruce used to own it. Now Harold is in business for himself and has helped me out on a couple of occasions. Friday he was called in again after my diagnosis was “it is over my knowledge, you need to call Harold.” Harold told her with the age of this opener it would probably be very difficult to get parts so it would be best to change the opener. She also has a wooden door with issues of it’s own. We have fought water infiltration in the joints of the wood and the bottom of the door to the concrete floor. This door is very heavy which makes me wonder why the opener lasted so long. I think she is going to replace the door also. I think this is good. Another job Friday was a hard one for me. I was asked to patch a hole in a piece of paneling in a finished basement. The hole was larger than expected and the whole 4′ X 8′ sheet had to be replaced. When I pulled the old paneling down I found that the furring strips at the bottom of the wall at the junction with the floor was rotten and for the most part, gone. I think the “finish” job of the basement was not done correctly and now I have been asked to patch it. I don’t like to do something messy or part way. That is what made it hard for me. If I had done this job the way I would have liked to, I would pulled down more paneling until I found where the rot stopped and start back with new material. I guess I have to do some things with less than the desired results on occasion.

I think I may have written about another client that has me change her water filter in her refrigerator. I did that last week and will go back as soon as pollen has finished polluting the atmosphere and coating every horizontal and some vertical surfaces to power wash her patio. She is very nice to me and I like hearing about her travels and she always ask me about my latest travel to some distant land.

Next week I will power wash a 2 story home and paint the had rails on the deck, clean out a storage unit and dispose of the unneeded old equipment, install 2 mirrors, assist in moving in a new client to the Cypress, and probably power wash the patio.

Do you have any projects that need to be done at your home or business? I have a wide variety of tricks in my bag. I not only repair but I also fabricate metal, wood, plastic, and my favorite, stone. You already know that I work on small engines and lawn mowers and that is an area of it’s own.

Spa beds, procedure tables, water damage, low voltage lights, & a “Just Do It. Nike swoosh”

30 03 2012

In the last couple of weeks I have had a variety of jobs. That I like! The variety keeps me going. I’ll start with the water damage. One home, 2 areas on opposite ends of the house there was extensive cosmetic damage. Extensive cosmetic, sounds like an oxymoron, but that is the way I see it. What makes them both worthy of writing about is the way the water got where it was not suppose to be. End “A” when the roof was put on the roofers put step flashing just as they were suppose to. When the siding people did their work the first flashing the lowest on the roof was in their way. They did the obvious thing and cut the flashing and bent it. When that was done all the water that was suppose to drip off the roof went behind the siding. That was half that story, the other half is I don’t know how that siding lasted as long as it did, over 20 years. End “B” the culprit was a ridge cap that looked like Swiss cheese. There were multiple holes in the top of the shingle that serves as a ridge cap. Those holes were located in just the right spot for the water to get in behind the molding and fascia on the gable end of the home. I hope I have stopped both those water entrance areas.

I have a client in Huntington Beach, CA that calls me to repair their spa chairs and procedure tables. In the last couple of weeks I have worked at Jolie Day Spa in Cameron Village,  the spa at the Umstead in Cary, and a doctor’s office in Apex. All of these chairs and procedure tables were different. I had worked on a spa chair before but this one is different, similar but different. I had never seen a procedure table like the one in the spa at the Umstead or the one in the doctor’s office.

My next different job was to install the Nike logo sign behind the cash registers in a Nike store. I feel very fortunate that the general contractor was there. He has worked on so many of these stores that he knew all the measurements off the top of his head. I got the sign up with few problems and came back to work on the water damage.

Today I worked on low voltage lights. I repaired a few and added 5 to the already slightly illuminated driveway. I hope the additional lights will help the drivers backing down that long, dark driveway. Now if I can just stop these lights from being targets for pellet rifle practice.

It has been a long time but I am writing again.

21 02 2012

Summer came and I got busy so I let this go for a while. I had a good summer with again a variety of different types of work. I finished the work in the older home in Raleigh. While working there I enjoyed it a lot. I think I was able to help the owner begin getting this wonderful old home ready for it’s next owners. I hope that a large busy family buys it and it hears lots of happy sounds over the next 20 years of it’s life.

I have a client in Durham that has 24 hour care and I do a lot there to keep him and his staff comfortable. I killed a yard full of ivy that was very thick and growing up the trees and who knows, there might be an old car grown over that I have not discovered yet. I even had a neighbor stop while I was mulching the ground where the ivy was and praised the work I was doing. He thought the place looked much better and I continue to work on it.

I have a good friend that has his Piper Comanche airplane in a hanger at RDU. He was/is having problems with water getting on the floor of the hanger after even a small rain shower. We tried a fix he designed and it helped but didn’t completely fix it. We then tried a fix I suggested. It helped but didn’t completely fix it. We tried another of my ideas and that helped also. But, you probably guessed it, not completely. We now have gotten it down to about 3 cups of water on the floor under the airplane. You might ask what does that hurt. He is concerned the water might cause mold to form inside the airplane. If he or a passenger is allergic to the mold that forms it could be disastrous. We will keep working on it.

I like it when I add a new client and this time it was my dentist. I think she thought she had some problems that would be expensive to remedy but it was pretty easy to fix them and she was happy.

Several of my clients have me clean the leaves and pine needles out of their gutters. Most of them have some type of gutter “guard” on their gutters but leaves and especially pine needles seem to be able to find their way in or at the very least clog the entry of the water into the gutter. I don’t think there is any type of gutter guard that keeps everything out.

I have a client that backed into a friends mailbox post. I was able to take it out of the ground. It is a small metal post and since it was not a great post, straighten it, reinforce it, and reinstall it with a small amount of time and money. The owner of the mailbox was happy. My client was happy. So was I.

A friend with a rental home has a problem with the shingles blowing off in one spot. I have replaced many of them and the shingles next to the replacements blow off with the next high wind. If you have any ideas I will try it. I don’t want him to have to replace all the shingles, that will be expensive.

I had the opportunity to restore the engine operation on a generator recently. The engine of the generator has an oil pressure sensor and it failed, not allowing the engine to continue running after a default time to run without oil pressure. It now runs again.

I created a patio in front of a home. It is floored with stone that the owner and I picked out and purchased from a dealer in Durham.  I had to reroute water from a downspout under the floor of the patio where it could dump onto the sidewalk and harmlessly into the grass. That was the best project in a while. I would like another like that soon.

A client had a problem with her dog escaping from the pen. I installed screen wire inside the pen from the 4′ line up to the top. Now the dog can’t climb the fence.

This week I am moving office furniture from a storage unit to a facility where it can be used. Again I am using my friend’s moving van. The friend is Keith Burch. He is the owner of Exit Raleigh Realty.

Vacation and other updates.

6 07 2011

This spring has been variable as for work. I either didn’t have enough to do or way too much. I have spent a lot of time in a a local cancer treatment facility I am fortunate enough to do a significant volume of work for them. I enjoy knowing their facilities and working to keep the areas in which I am qualified working smoothly. They treat me like I am one of the staff and I always feel like I am part of the staff.

We went on vacation in May for 10 days. We went to London and had a great time. We tried to go to Westminster Abbey but there was a security sweep going on at the time. President Obama was going to visit the next day. Next we went to Parliament. It was closed. Security sweep there also. President Obama was going there the next day also. The next day we went to Oxford to see Christ Church. It was closed because Michelle Obama was visiting there that day. While in Oxford we met some people that live on a Narrow Boat. These boats are 7 feet wide and some of them are about 70 feet long. They asked  if we wanted to ride with them for about a mile and we did. I have gotten an email from them since we got back.

I have been working on an older home in downtown Raleigh. It is fun to work there. I am able to listen to NPR all day and work indoors. With the heat we have had lately working indoors is nice.  I may add to this post later because I have done my different kinds of jobs. More later.

Time to clean up!

5 03 2011

It is March so it is time to clean up your yard and garden. I hope you didn’t forget to fertilize your cool season grass in February. Don’t make me have to call you to see that you did. Now UNC-TV is having Festival and like I said it is March so the viewing on TV is limited to either getting lost in basketball or donating to a worthy cause. Time to cut your decorative grasses such as liriope or zebra or fountain and prune any hardwoods that have not leafed out. I say this every year but you would be surprised how many people want to prune after the leaves are out. More later.

Another service offered.

17 01 2011

I have been asked to pick up a bench and take it to a person to recane it. The back was very much in need of new caning. It looks great. I have since picked it up from the recaner and delivered it to the restorer to stain it like the rest of structure.  I should be able to get it in 2 weeks and take it to the owner. I will let you know how that turns out.