Spa beds, procedure tables, water damage, low voltage lights, & a “Just Do It. Nike swoosh”

30 03 2012

In the last couple of weeks I have had a variety of jobs. That I like! The variety keeps me going. I’ll start with the water damage. One home, 2 areas on opposite ends of the house there was extensive cosmetic damage. Extensive cosmetic, sounds like an oxymoron, but that is the way I see it. What makes them both worthy of writing about is the way the water got where it was not suppose to be. End “A” when the roof was put on the roofers put step flashing just as they were suppose to. When the siding people did their work the first flashing the lowest on the roof was in their way. They did the obvious thing and cut the flashing and bent it. When that was done all the water that was suppose to drip off the roof went behind the siding. That was half that story, the other half is I don’t know how that siding lasted as long as it did, over 20 years. End “B” the culprit was a ridge cap that looked like Swiss cheese. There were multiple holes in the top of the shingle that serves as a ridge cap. Those holes were located in just the right spot for the water to get in behind the molding and fascia on the gable end of the home. I hope I have stopped both those water entrance areas.

I have a client in Huntington Beach, CA that calls me to repair their spa chairs and procedure tables. In the last couple of weeks I have worked at Jolie Day Spa in Cameron Village,  the spa at the Umstead in Cary, and a doctor’s office in Apex. All of these chairs and procedure tables were different. I had worked on a spa chair before but this one is different, similar but different. I had never seen a procedure table like the one in the spa at the Umstead or the one in the doctor’s office.

My next different job was to install the Nike logo sign behind the cash registers in a Nike store. I feel very fortunate that the general contractor was there. He has worked on so many of these stores that he knew all the measurements off the top of his head. I got the sign up with few problems and came back to work on the water damage.

Today I worked on low voltage lights. I repaired a few and added 5 to the already slightly illuminated driveway. I hope the additional lights will help the drivers backing down that long, dark driveway. Now if I can just stop these lights from being targets for pellet rifle practice.



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