End of 2015 leads to the start of 2016

31 12 2015

I have taken on a wide variety of jobs this year. Some of these jobs have expanded my knowledge of mechanical systems I have not been exposed to before.

I replaced two sump pumps, took down a prehung door and two days later put it back up, changed an X-ray room to a server room, put four shoe racks back on their tracks, replaced a garage door opener and I could go on.

I replaced one sump pump in October and it failed in December. I replaced it in December. I hope this one lasts longer. There are three in the building and all are needed.

A client decided to move. She had a couch in a bonus room and it would not come through the door. I took the door, jamb, and moldings down. The movers moved it out and I put the door back up.

A new job for me was a shoe rack repair. In most retail outlets shoes are stored in a back room on racks about 6 feet tall and about 18 inches deep and about 3 feet wide. These racks ride on metal wheels on metal tracks. The wheels got off the tracks. Did I mention the racks weigh about 600 or 700 pounds. I had to raise the racks and move them over to get them back on track. It involved multiple levers and blocks to raise the racks.

I’m willing to take on a wide variety of jobs so call me so we can discuss your Honey-do List.



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