About The Honey Do Husband

I have lived in the Triangle area my entire life and currently live in northwest Raleigh. I’ve worked professionally as a handyman for 6 years, although I’ve been handy with tools and mechanically-inclined all my life. As a child and young man I worked in my father’s business – H.L. Bunn’s Garage in East Durham “servicing trucks, traps, cars, and automobiles.” Later I worked with my friend Henry Jannetta at Jannetta’s Garage. Then, after 17 years at Eastern Airlines – some of those as the Aircraft Maintenance Stockroom Manager, and a time as Fixed Assets Officer at UNC-TV, I felt a different calling.

I’ve always been the one in my community to whom people turned for help when the lawn mower or tractor wouldn’t start, the toilet wouldn’t stop running, the vinyl flooring was ready to be replaced, or the rascally clump of knife-edged ornamental grass needed a trim and dividing. And I realized that helping people in these ways was one of the places I found true joy.

My family and I agreed that the time was right for me to follow my instincts and The Honey Do Husband was born! As The Honey Do Husband, I provide handyman services focusing on small jobs, reasonable rates, and developing a personal relationship with my clients. I provide maintenance to large and small companies such as changing fluorescent light tubes, moving and setting up office cubicles, and upgrading sales demonstrations exhibits. I like preventative maintenance because it helps to eliminate inconveniences and lost time and revenue by catching something going wrong early and correcting it.

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