Hey, I’m back

12 06 2018

If it seems like it’s been a while, that’s because it has. My business keeps me busy during the day and I don’t want to add blogging to the list of things I have to do at 10 or 11pm.

I have worked with several interior decorators which has, of course, led to my being introduced to even more interior decorators. I’ve learned a lot from them. Recently I was working in a local residence for an out-of-town decorator, Suellen, with whom I’ve worked several times. While we were there, a local framing shop delivered some newly-framed art to the house for me to hang. Charlie from the framing shop later gave my name to Liz, another decorator, and now I’ve completed several jobs for her. Networking is a great way to meet others who need my services.

On May 30th, while power washing a house, the ladder I was standing on started to slide against the gutters. I began climbing down quickly and saying over and over to myself, “ride it down.” I ignored my own advice; and when I got to a point what I thought was a low enough point, I jumped. Unfortunately, I was higher than I thought and landed mostly on one foot. It hurt really bad but I got up and finished the job. I put my power washer in the truck (where it still is today), I put my hoses, two ladders and my power washer in the truck. (The power washer is still there today.)  I drove home with my left foot and ankle hurting mildly. When I got home my ankle was stiff but I walked into the house where my wife asked why I was limping. I explained while taking off my shoe and sock exposing a very swollen and bruised ankle. She put some ice in a plastic bag. I laid on the couch where I iced and elevated my leg. After several questions and many looks at her computer she insisted we go to Urgent Care She was right, as she very often is. The x-ray showed a broken ankle. A trip to see the surgeon the next day and a trip to the O.R. the following day now I’m in recovery mode. NO weight bearing for six weeks. But it hasn’t stopped me from doing light jobs that don’t involve a ladder.

There are at least three things to take away from my post: (1) always ride the ladder down when it is falling; (2) listen to your spouse (She is looking at it from a different angle, especially when it is your ankle.), and (3) networking is valuable. Networking is so rewarding for you and for others you interact with. And not just monetarily.



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