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29 03 2013

Today I worked on a dog kennel in a sleep over camp for dogs. The kennels are stacked 2 high and I repaired a problem on the top kennel that was damaged during some renovations. The bottom of the kennel is about 4′ x 4′ and is floored with FRP, fiberglass reinforced plastic, and during the renovation someone dropped something heavy on that floor and broke through. They tried to patch it with some type of sealant, probably silicone. The floor was cemented to the cross members, 1″ box steel, about 7″ on center apart. Getting the adhesive to turn loose was difficult. I had to get in the kennel below and drive a wedge between the floor and the cross members. Anyway, I got the old floor out and installed the new floor. I had silicone sealant that I used to seal around the sides, front, & back. Sealing was critical. If it is not sealed when the dog on top eliminates it would get on the dog below. I like doing things I have never done before. I used some skills I have developed to accomplished caulking showers and bath tubs to apply the sealant.

Speaking of showers and bath tubs, I have now cleaned out the old caulk & grout and replaced it with new silicone caulk in 4 tubs and showers in 3 weeks. I guess I will not do any more for another year.

I got the walls painted this week. The home has 1 wall that is about 20′ high. I had to use my 24′ extension ladder and my 12′ step ladder. Part of the wall and trim around a window had never been painted so I had to prime it first then paint it. Did I mention there was a crack in the corner from top to bottom on that 20′ wall. I repaired that first and during my time there would sand and apply another coat of joint compound then sand again. I survived that painting job and they want me to do more. I will.

I also installed several Life Alert systems this week along with everything else.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I will find the time.  



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