I’ m back with lots to write about, but I will hold back.

22 03 2013

I realize it has been a while since I have written anything here. I want to talk about that and more. I had a very busy 2012, so much so that I didn’t take time to sit down at night and fill you in on what I was doing.

I think I have said before that painting is not my favorite task to do. Well I started painting ceilings in 2 room in a beautiful old home close to downtown Raleigh. For those of you not from around here the city is RA LEE, or as some of the old folks when I was a kid would say it RAWLEE. I think either is correct. Those 2 ceilings turned into the ceiling in every room and the walls in 2 more rooms. I worked on the painting for about 3 weeks total. I also had to remove the pine bark mulch from the front and back yards and driveway. I first made a mulch pile in one corner of the back yard but later had to move it away from the home. I gave several loads to a friend and put them in his parking spot in the parking lot where NCSU plays football. I hope they don’t go up in flames when some charcoal is dropped from a grill onto the pine bark. I also painted the ceiling in an old home in Durham. That’s DUR AM, all together now, Durham. I am painting several walls in a home Monday. I hope I get it all done Monday.

There is a medical facility I do a lot of work in and I install a lot of polycarbonate on some wall there. One place there I placed a strip 10″ wide and about 14′ long. They were having a problem with a gurney leaving a room and not being able to make a turn coming out of the door without hitting the wall on the other side. With the poly strip in place the wall doesn’t get gashes in it. I also install a lot in an area where fluids are given to patients and at times some of these fluids would end up on the walls. The poly can be cleaned easier, so it was a success.

I continue to install Life Alert systems in the area. I have installed in Wake, Durham, and Johnston county as well as Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Knightdale, & Wendell. If you or someone you know needs the benefit of a Life Alert system contact me and I can have a Life Alert sales person call you.

I know I have talked about trends in my work. This week I painted 2 metal outside handrails. I have not painted any handrails in years. I also replaced 4 disposals in 2 weeks and removed one, repaired it and replaced it the week before. I know there is a season for leaves in your gutters, a season for cleaning decks, and spring cleaning. But I don’t think there is a season for painting handrails or changing disposals.

In February I replaced a light hanging from a 12′ ceiling. I had to go back to take it down and put up an identical light. There was a problem with the first light.

I hope it is not too long before I write more here. I know you are itching to hear more very soon.



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