With very little winter it is still nice to have spring!

14 04 2012

Well I think I have the low voltage lights down the driveway of a client working as she would like. She has a demanding situation, a long, dark, curvy driveway. Now on to more recent endeavors.

I have trimmed trees, changed a disposal, repaired the mullions in a window in a very old house, spread and place 10 yards of mulch, diagnosed the problem of a non functioning garage door opener. I referred that one to All About Doors” Harold. Harold is a friend of a friend. Harold used to work at Custom Overhead Doors when my friend Bruce used to own it. Now Harold is in business for himself and has helped me out on a couple of occasions. Friday he was called in again after my diagnosis was “it is over my knowledge, you need to call Harold.” Harold told her with the age of this opener it would probably be very difficult to get parts so it would be best to change the opener. She also has a wooden door with issues of it’s own. We have fought water infiltration in the joints of the wood and the bottom of the door to the concrete floor. This door is very heavy which makes me wonder why the opener lasted so long. I think she is going to replace the door also. I think this is good. Another job Friday was a hard one for me. I was asked to patch a hole in a piece of paneling in a finished basement. The hole was larger than expected and the whole 4′ X 8′ sheet had to be replaced. When I pulled the old paneling down I found that the furring strips at the bottom of the wall at the junction with the floor was rotten and for the most part, gone. I think the “finish” job of the basement was not done correctly and now I have been asked to patch it. I don’t like to do something messy or part way. That is what made it hard for me. If I had done this job the way I would have liked to, I would pulled down more paneling until I found where the rot stopped and start back with new material. I guess I have to do some things with less than the desired results on occasion.

I think I may have written about another client that has me change her water filter in her refrigerator. I did that last week and will go back as soon as pollen has finished polluting the atmosphere and coating every horizontal and some vertical surfaces to power wash her patio. She is very nice to me and I like hearing about her travels and she always ask me about my latest travel to some distant land.

Next week I will power wash a 2 story home and paint the had rails on the deck, clean out a storage unit and dispose of the unneeded old equipment, install 2 mirrors, assist in moving in a new client to the Cypress, and probably power wash the patio.

Do you have any projects that need to be done at your home or business? I have a wide variety of tricks in my bag. I not only repair but I also fabricate metal, wood, plastic, and my favorite, stone. You already know that I work on small engines and lawn mowers and that is an area of it’s own.



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