Recent endevors!

11 07 2012

Recently I have had several decks to clean and treat. The largest has taken a long time because the deck treatment instructions say don’t treat at 90 degrees or above. We have had many days that 90 degrees was reached by 11:30am and I quit. I am now caught up with the deck treatment.

Another client asked me to move a large pile of brick pavers from a home he is selling to another home has purchased. I have moved all of them and did a rough count and I move about 1700 bricks. There are 250 bricks in a cube like you would see on a construction site. That cube of bricks weighs about 1200 pounds. I had to handle those bricks I moved at least 4 times to pick them up off the ground, load them on the trailer, take them off the trailer and place them in their next temporary location. I had to dig some of them out of the ground several inches. Now you can do the math to know how many pounds of bricks I handled over a several day period. There is a concrete walk from the street to the steps onto the porch. I graded an area of the yard from this walk to the driveway to lay a new walk. The ground was very hard but I got it done. I will put a picture here soon.

I have been doing some continuing maintenance in the 100 year old Mekes building in Apex. I really like working there. I day dream of when it was a livery stable and hardware store, back in the day, many days ago.



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