It has been a long time but I am writing again.

21 02 2012

Summer came and I got busy so I let this go for a while. I had a good summer with again a variety of different types of work. I finished the work in the older home in Raleigh. While working there I enjoyed it a lot. I think I was able to help the owner begin getting this wonderful old home ready for it’s next owners. I hope that a large busy family buys it and it hears lots of happy sounds over the next 20 years of it’s life.

I have a client in Durham that has 24 hour care and I do a lot there to keep him and his staff comfortable. I killed a yard full of ivy that was very thick and growing up the trees and who knows, there might be an old car grown over that I have not discovered yet. I even had a neighbor stop while I was mulching the ground where the ivy was and praised the work I was doing. He thought the place looked much better and I continue to work on it.

I have a good friend that has his Piper Comanche airplane in a hanger at RDU. He was/is having problems with water getting on the floor of the hanger after even a small rain shower. We tried a fix he designed and it helped but didn’t completely fix it. We then tried a fix I suggested. It helped but didn’t completely fix it. We tried another of my ideas and that helped also. But, you probably guessed it, not completely. We now have gotten it down to about 3 cups of water on the floor under the airplane. You might ask what does that hurt. He is concerned the water might cause mold to form inside the airplane. If he or a passenger is allergic to the mold that forms it could be disastrous. We will keep working on it.

I like it when I add a new client and this time it was my dentist. I think she thought she had some problems that would be expensive to remedy but it was pretty easy to fix them and she was happy.

Several of my clients have me clean the leaves and pine needles out of their gutters. Most of them have some type of gutter “guard” on their gutters but leaves and especially pine needles seem to be able to find their way in or at the very least clog the entry of the water into the gutter. I don’t think there is any type of gutter guard that keeps everything out.

I have a client that backed into a friends mailbox post. I was able to take it out of the ground. It is a small metal post and since it was not a great post, straighten it, reinforce it, and reinstall it with a small amount of time and money. The owner of the mailbox was happy. My client was happy. So was I.

A friend with a rental home has a problem with the shingles blowing off in one spot. I have replaced many of them and the shingles next to the replacements blow off with the next high wind. If you have any ideas I will try it. I don’t want him to have to replace all the shingles, that will be expensive.

I had the opportunity to restore the engine operation on a generator recently. The engine of the generator has an oil pressure sensor and it failed, not allowing the engine to continue running after a default time to run without oil pressure. It now runs again.

I created a patio in front of a home. It is floored with stone that the owner and I picked out and purchased from a dealer in Durham.  I had to reroute water from a downspout under the floor of the patio where it could dump onto the sidewalk and harmlessly into the grass. That was the best project in a while. I would like another like that soon.

A client had a problem with her dog escaping from the pen. I installed screen wire inside the pen from the 4′ line up to the top. Now the dog can’t climb the fence.

This week I am moving office furniture from a storage unit to a facility where it can be used. Again I am using my friend’s moving van. The friend is Keith Burch. He is the owner of Exit Raleigh Realty.



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