Vacation and other updates.

6 07 2011

This spring has been variable as for work. I either didn’t have enough to do or way too much. I have spent a lot of time in a a local cancer treatment facility I am fortunate enough to do a significant volume of work for them. I enjoy knowing their facilities and working to keep the areas in which I am qualified working smoothly. They treat me like I am one of the staff and I always feel like I am part of the staff.

We went on vacation in May for 10 days. We went to London and had a great time. We tried to go to Westminster Abbey but there was a security sweep going on at the time. President Obama was going to visit the next day. Next we went to Parliament. It was closed. Security sweep there also. President Obama was going there the next day also. The next day we went to Oxford to see Christ Church. It was closed because Michelle Obama was visiting there that day. While in Oxford we met some people that live on a Narrow Boat. These boats are 7 feet wide and some of them are about 70 feet long. They asked  if we wanted to ride with them for about a mile and we did. I have gotten an email from them since we got back.

I have been working on an older home in downtown Raleigh. It is fun to work there. I am able to listen to NPR all day and work indoors. With the heat we have had lately working indoors is nice.  I may add to this post later because I have done my different kinds of jobs. More later.



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