Being aware and taking precautions!

3 10 2010

Recently I have installed several deadbolt locks in my clients doors.  Three of these clients had their homes broken into and the other clients were taking precautions. I don’t believe that deadbolts alone will stop a would be thief that in intent on coming into your home and make your stuff his. I do think that deadbolts will slow that intruder or stop all but the most intent. I also believe that the most intent usually have some reason to think that you have something they want. I am saying it is an inside job or they have some reason to think that your home is worth the chance of getting caught on the time spent to come in. It could be that they delivered something to your home in the last month or so, or it could even be they know you and have been in your home before. It could also be they think they are somewhere else and they are not coherent enough to know they are at the wrong house. Any way you look at it there is only so much you and I can do to protect you home and property. Deadbolts are a good start. Being mindful of strange cars in your neighborhood, especially if you see it more than once. Strange cars driving slowly, especially at night. Hidden entrances where would be thieves can work on getting in your home without having to worry about being seen doing it. This leads me to another deterrence method to help keep your home safe. Motion sensitive lights. I think they should be installed and aimed so that they come on and light the area but not benefit the intruder in getting into your home. They should annoy them not help them. A light that comes on and shines in their eyes instead of on the lock or door they are trying to open. A light that doesn’t stay on long enough to help but comes on again if there is much movement detected. Then you have a light coming on and going off over and over again. This activity could alert your neighbors that something is going on at your house and maybe they might even call the authorities.  One thing to remember when it comes to home protection  a nosy neighbor is your best protection. My wife called me the Lone Ranger once because I went to a neighbor’s home when I heard the burglar alarm go off. I was block captain of the neighborhood watch so I felt like it was my job. I often read and hear about keeping you foundation plant away from the house so that would be intruders could not get behind the plants and gain entry through an unused door or a window that can not be seen easily because of the plants. I have another theory. I think that if you have your plants close to the house but not touching  the house it will make it difficult for the intruder to get behind the plants, especially if they are thorny or very woody.

So, to sum up, call me and I will install deadbolts, look at your foundation plants, and see if we can put some motion sensor lights that work for you and not work for the intruder. There are other steps you can take and I am sure you can look online and get more ideas. Maybe I will look online and get more ideas for myself.



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