New experience for me.

24 12 2010

Yesterday my daughter yelled from the living room, “did you feel that?” My wife and I both said “what?” My daughter said “it felt and sounded like an earthquake.” It happened multiple times. I went under the house to find a squirrel under the house. I coached it out the open door. I suspected an old flue pipe from the chimney might have accomplices of the original squirrel. It did indeed have more in it. I think maybe up to 3. I couldn’t coach them out. I put my tall ladder up to the chimney and looked down in the flue. I could hear them in there. I couldn’t see them though. I went out to Wyle Coyote’s garage to look for the latest Acme Squirrel catcher. I got some rope and put one end down the chimney thinking the squirrels could climb the rope and get out. I then went under the house to try to scare them back into the chimney so they could find the rope. That didn’t work. This afternoon I went under the house to find they were under house, somewhere. I could not find them. I suspect they will make themselves known at the most inopportune time for me and I will be forced to go under again to look for them. I hope it is just 1 and I also hope it is a male. Do you have any ideas of how to get it/them out?



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