Well, it’s happened again!

26 06 2010

I don’t want to sound too repetitive but I have replaced more fascia and soffit. I was asked to clean the gutters at the home of young woman that lives next door to another of my clients. As I was looking at the gutters to be cleaned I saw and pointed out to her the rotted fascia. Looking closer I could see that the soffit immediately behind the rotted fascia was damaged also. I cleaned all the gutters on this home and found that when the gutters were originally installed there was not enough fall from the closed end to the downspout. With this type of situation the water just sits in the gutters and the trash, leaves and gravel from the shingles, just sit there and eventually build up so that when we have a big rain some of the trash washes toward the open end into the downspout. This causes the opening to get blocked then causing the gutters to run over. I think this gutter will drain now because when I put the gutter back up I lowered the downspout end making sure that there will be fall and the water will drain.

For a long time I have turned down fascia replacement when there was a long section of gutter with no seams. When you try to take down a long section of gutter it will try to twist and then bend rendering it unusable. It would really be easier to take down if I had about 3 people, one at each end and another in the middle taking it down. I don’t have that luxury to have 2 extra people standing around when I want to take down and put back up a twenty foot section of gutter. I gave it some thought while driving somewhere, that is when I do my best thinking, and came up with an idea and decided it was worth a try. I went to a local carpet store and got from them a 12 foot section of the cardboard spool that new carpet comes on. I took it to the home where the gutter needed to be removed and I removed the spikes in the middle, just enough to get the cardboard spool in the gutter. I tied string around the gutter and spool in several places along the gutter. After I was satisfied that the gutter was now rigid instead of flexible I took down the rest of the spikes and took down the gutter without damaging it. When it was time to reinstall the gutter I put it back up the same way. These are the things I like to do and report on.

I didn’t spend my whole week working on these gutters, I installed hinges on a king size bed. The hinges are on the outside of each side at the head. This allows the person making up the bed to be able to swing the foot to the side and make up both halves from the center of the bed. Who knew there were hinges for king size beds? I didn’t.

Well, until next time I hope your summer is going well. I know it is hot but just think… it’s better than February. Or at least it is to me.



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