Another mailbox post. More gutters.

9 06 2010

The trend continues. Another  mailbox post. (Someone ran over the post and destroyed it. Didn’t seem to hurt the box though.)

And more gutter-related problems. I replaced two fascia boards and one piece of soffit. Remember my warning about water running over the back of uncleaned-gutters? That’s what happened. It didn’t help that the shingles were a little short over the end of the gutter and the water migrated up the underside of the shingle and down into the soffit, rotting the fascia along the way. It’s not the fault of the homeowner that the water found this circuitous route to the ground. Most of the blame goes to the roofer who didn’t install shingles far enough past the sheathing on the roof.  The homeowner wasn’t aware until there was a problem. Then I cleaned gutters at another house. They hadn’t been cleaned in a long time. There was an 8″ oak tree growing from the gutters. And it wasn’t growing from 2009’s acorns.

I also repaired a cash drawer in a store in the mall this week. The task was an “orphan” job. There are plenty of people who could have done the repair. Most would have charged a great deal more than I did. I had to use my experience, ingenuity, and creativity to solve the problem.  That’s the way I learn best —  repairing or upgrading something  to the way it should have been built the first time!

I worked on the jewelry cases in another store about 2 weeks ago. I replaced mirrors and lid-stays on several units. The job was very labor intensive and took me 7 hours. The cases look much nicer now.



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