Low voltage lights in the garden or walkway.

24 11 2009

Several years ago I thought it might be nice to light the walkway from our driveway to the front steps. It was like walking into a cave except for the little bit of light that came from the neighbors home. Even the porch lights didn’t provide much help from the porch, down the steps, to the driveway, to the street where finally there was some help from the street light across the street. So for Christmas and birthdays I requested Lowes and Home Depot gift cards so that I could purchase the needed lights, wire, and power supply/timer. I have now installed these lights and it is amazing that I can now see how to navigate from the dark driveway to the steps and up to the porch. This project had 2 objectives: (1) light the walk & (2) learn more about low voltage lights and their uses. The project has moved along fairly quickly and I like the results. If low voltage lights are something you would like to add to your walkway or garden I would like to help. Give me a call or press Contact, or add a Comment and I will be glad to help you plan and implement your light needs.



2 responses

30 11 2009

Doug, do you have any day and dusk/night-time pictures of the installed lights?

30 11 2009

Yes I do have pictures and will be posting them shortly.
I am slow at times but I have finally added in the picture of the low voltage lights at my home. Tell me what you think. DB

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