Help for Haiti

21 01 2010

Since the earthquake in Haiti there have been many people and agencies organizing at different levels to provide relief for the people there. My mother-in-law is one of them. She sent my wife information that Horne United Methodist Church in Clayton, NC  is collecting, sorting and shipping specific items to Haiti.  My wife forwarded the message to Jay O’Berski in Durham who rallied his friends in the theater community and collected A LOT of items. The Durham collecting point for the donated goods was Manbites Dog Theater. Thank you Ed and Jeff for your generosity. I volunteered to transport the donations from Durham to Clayton. I borrowed a truck from my friend Keith Burch. Keith owns Exit Reality First Choice in Raleigh and  has a large van  he loans to clients for moving when they buy a house through his business. Keith said very boldly that I could use his van. I used it to pick up the donations in Durham and this morning my mother-in-law and I delivered them to Clayton.  Thanks Keith. Thanks to all of you who shared the opportunity with others,  donated,  provided collection and processing sites,  loaded the truck, and provided a delivery vehicle.

You can read more about this project in the Durham Magazine and the Independent Weekly.



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