The more I do…

23 11 2009

Occasionally one of the maintenance companies that I do work for will call with a situation that adds to my own knowledge base and tickles my imagination. I was recently called to work on a “slatwall”, the kind that clothing or book bags might be hanging on in a retail store. When I got there I found the slatwall that had escaped its captive environment sitting on the floor. I quickly realized  it was supposed to be sitting in a channel at the bottom and captured by another channel at the top. When I got it back in place I also realized there was nothing but those channels to help it stay in place. And it was too flexible to stay there on its own. It’s neighbor was doing it’s job, seemingly unaided by outside support. Why did this one give up? I don’t know. but I did manage to replace it and make sure it will not come back down. Now I am waiting for the maintenance company to call me to have me replace and repair the next unit over, then the next, and then…well, you get the idea. When I find an answer on how it is supposed to support weight, leveraged out 12″ to 14″ from the wall, and not fall I’ll let you know.



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