Fertilize fescue this week!

23 11 2009

If you have cool season grass, fescue, growing here in the U.S. this coming week is the second major holiday of the cool season to celebrate by fertilizing your lawn. The first is Labor Day in September, the second is Thanksgiving, and the last holiday of the cool season to fertilize your lawn is Valentine’s Day.  Cool season grasses like to have fertilizer when they can use it — during cool seasons. Another reason you apply it during the cool season is that the weeds that are ever-present in your lawn won’t get much help from it because many of them die back during the winter. The fescue uses the fertilizer and there isn’t  much left for the thuggish weeds in the late spring and summer.

Municipal governments and environmentalist would prefer you not put too much nitrogen close to the edges – near curbing or the driveway — where it can run off into the nearby streams and then into rivers. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.



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