What to do?

12 11 2009

Recently a customer called me to look at the dryer vent in her house. The washer and dryer are on the second floor in a laundry room not located on an outside wall. The flexible dryer vent is made of white plastic and is not up to current standards — it should be replaced with a foil vent. The problem is buried in the details above. The dryer is on the second floor and the attic has been finished. Trying to replace the vent could be difficult and expensive. I can’t simply run a new vent to an outside wall to solve the problem. I may have to remove flooring on the second floor or take out the ceiling on the first floor. I might be lucky enough to be able to remove flooring in a closet behind the laundry room and route the new duct work through there. Or I might find rigid duct work buried under the floor to which I can connect the flexible duct. What would you do?  Let me know.



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