It’s been a while.

6 03 2010

It’s been a very busy winter and I am not complaining.  As usual I have done a variety of unusual jobs for the last couple of months.  As I said earlier or at least thought it, my jobs seem to run in waves, meaning if someone calls and ask me to clean their gutters then I will be called to clean 2 or 3 more within 2 weeks. It seems strange to me that this phenomenon happens. Maybe I will start recording these events, just for my own knowledge.

Since January I have taken up a room of shag carpet, worked multiple times in a historic building in Apex, clean gutters, repaired a garage door, diagnosed a leaky dishwasher, moved a couple of clients into Abbottswood, hung blinds as window treatments in a new condo, repaired low voltage lights and dug a 3 foot hole in the basement of a commercial building and installed a sump pump. These are not all the jobs I have done but I don’ t serve No-Doze with my writings and you get what I mean,,,I hope. I may come back with more detail about some of the more interesting or oddities of some of the work I have done. I like doing different jobs each day. It keeps me from getting bored and it also keeps me on my toes learning how to do some of the things I get myself into.

You know the curtains hanging from the ceiling of a doctors office or emergency room, maybe I know too much about emergency rooms. These curtain hang from little wheels or carriers that run in a track. I had to replace several of these carriers recently. When originally installed the wrong screws were used to install the track and the screw heads would catch the carriers. The operators of the curtains would pull harder and in some cases would complete the task, close or open the curtain. In other cases the operator would pull and the chain from the carrier would break. Once several carrier chains were broken then I was called to correct the errant carriers. The repair was slow and very labor intensive but completing the repair was necessary and rewarding because I discovered why they were failing and corrected that also.

I have a client that about once a year I have to go on her roof and run my clean out snake down the sewer vent. This vent gets clogged with who knows what and her sinks sounds like a bubble mower when she runs water down the drain. I just run the snake in, hit the clog a couple of times, run the snake down a couple of feet more and do it again and it is clear. No more bubble sounds.

I will try to keep you updated better in the future so that you will not have to read about so many of my exploits at once. You will be able to spread the joy over a longer time.

You can also check in with me and tell me what you think or ask questions about some of my jobs. Don’t forget to cut your ornamental grasses now, mulch with composted leaf mold and general clean of your landscape and garden areas.



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