More interesting jobs.

2 11 2009

Recently I was asked to add quarter-round to the baseboard in a room where the carpet had been removed. I explained that quarter- round was not the proper molding but if that was what the homeowner wanted, I would use it instead of shoe molding. To explain that a little, if you put 4 pieces of quarter-round together you get roughly a circle If you put 4 pieces of shoe molding together you have an oval. Shoe is a little taller than deep. Quarter-round is the same in both dimensions. I measured, cut, installed and caulked. The client was very happy.

I was also hired recently to install molding to surround vinyl lattice. The original installation wasn’t done properly.  The lattice was neither level or plumb. The installer also didn’t make sure that the bottom of the lattice was even or slightly higher than the bottom brace, so I had to cut the bottom of the lattice and then install about 30 feet of molding.  The same client has a storage room installed under the deck. It has 2 doors. One door was allowing water in and it was beginning to rot the floor. For this particular job there was no specified “fix” so I used garage door molding to create a drip edge that will let the water drip out farther from the door so it will not get behind the door to rot the floor. These are the type of jobs I like. I have to create a solution for the problem and then implement the fix. This is one of the reasons I am enjoying the types of handyman work that I do — it’s not the same thing over and over again.  Can you tell I like the variety?



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