De-bunking & Debunking

26 03 2009

First the de-bunking. Early this week I disassembled a set of bunk beds, providing the 12-year-old occupant with the additional wall space he wanted and a matching set of twin beds.
Then on to debunking. While you might think you’ll have to mow your fescue less if you mow shorter, you’re actually giving weeds an extra opportunity to germinate when you expose them to more heat and light. Let that taller, lush fescue shade out the weeds by setting your mower blade height to 3″-4″. For the most part, the weeds grow faster than the fescue, leading to MORE mowing – not less – to maintain a neat appearance. Occasionally I’ve had to install slightly larger wheels on a client’s mower to get the mowing deck high enough for the ideal height for our lovely fescue lawns here in the Piedmont.
My other projects this week have been varied – just the way I like it! I replaced hinges on a crawlspace door and removed the threaded metal portion of a broken lightbulb from the socket; cleaned the stones on a fireplace in a room with a cathedral ceiling; replaced a bathroom exhaust fan switch, built a treated wood landing at the bottom of steps from a deck to avoid stepping into a boggy area; and cleaned the interior and exterior windows on a screened porch (Windows on a screened porch you ask? Just transom-type windows at the top of the gable end.).



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