Winter Landscape Projects

9 01 2009

Here in the Triangle, now is a  good time to plant new shrubs and trees,  to remove unattractive or poorly performing plants,  prune  shrubs and trees (except birches, maples, & spring blooming shrubs like azaleas). February is the time for fertilizing cool season grasses — primarily fescue here in the Triangle. Late February and early March is the time to cut back and divide liriope (Monkey Grass) and ornamental grasses. It’s also a good time to refresh or replace mulch to deter spring weeds and maintain a constant moisture level in your beds.

It’s also the perfect time to schedule routine maintenance on your lawn mower, tiller, or chipper/shredder. Give me a call!

Lawn mower blades should be sharpened correctly and balanced! An unbalanced blade can damage the engine, come apart, and be uncomfortable for the operator.



One response

21 07 2009
pat Shiel

Have used Doug over the years on a number of small and large jobs. Best work I’ve ever seen, professionally done, neatly done, done on time as promised and works at saving you money! He will save you money even though it costs him money that he could have made off you.

Have a number of prior jobs that I wish he had done, I know I would be happier now. Next time and every time — Doug.

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